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Petit ragondin qui porte un crayon géant


Artwork Fair

Print shop

Discover all the Anarchist and Vintage Propaganda home prints. These handcrafted products are made in my landing our workshops with the utmost care.

Many design available.

Shop hosted on this site, with pre-order system.

Redbubble shop

Digital colour posters (and some digitised lino models) are available on the Redbubble.com website. More than a hundred illustrations are offered on this Print-on-demand structure and declined on many supports.

External shop, manufacturing, delivery and after sales service provided by Redbubble.

Artistic commissions

The rates, terms and conditions and specifics of the commissioned work are available in a special brochure. Whether it is for a "simple" retouching or the creation of a complete visual, you will find all the information you need.


Free stuff department.

99% of the posters, cards, etc. from Loki Gwynbleidd's Anarchist and Vintage Propaganda are available free of charge on the sharing platform hosted on this site*.

These illustrations are offered in high-definition for home printing, web or physical use, for decoration and/or activism and for the creation of new artworks. The aim is to spread retro and anarchist graphics as widely as possible.

Please note: these illustrations are distributed under a Creatives Commons license. Sharing and reuse are permitted except for commercial use. Attrubution is mandatory.

*This figure, calculated by vintage guess-o-matic machine, is explained by commissioned work that is reserved for customers and by omissions that are reserved by no one, but it happens.