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   Except for the typography, all content shared on this site has been designed and thought out on a computer.

More info on the material used here.


This page serves as a showcase for vintage graphic collections with anarchist and progressive themes. All the graphic creations you will find here have been handmade (and with graphic tablets or engraving gouges) with the greatest care. Yes, even the flaws have been given special attention.

   The illustrations presented are inspired by, divert and take up iconographic elements of the late 19th/early 20th century. It is normal to find some similarities with famous posters.

Digital posters in Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts.

Please note:
 Digital posters are divided into 2 types


The normal posters are made according to my ideas and desires. They are intended to be shared and sold to as many people as possible.

The artistic commissions are commissioned works. Their distribution is subject to the goodwill of the commissioners

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Click to view the gallery

Handmade and artisanal prints.


Linocut prints based on questionable slogans and puns. Most of the illustrations feature charming animals in Gaslight and Art Nouveau inspired settings.

Printed on various papers and then scanned.

Portfolio - Lino - Fr - link
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Cards, bookmarks and other letterpresses are printed with special presses and little (but increasing) expertise. It should be noted that typesetting is a fairly time-consuming process, but not as time-consuming as finding puns and slogans.


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In order not to be left behind by new technologies, Loki Gwynbleidd has started using cyanotype. Thanks to this photographic process developed in 1842, new forms of home prints can be created. It is a perfect tool to spread even more Anarchist & Vintage Propaganda.

Portfolio - cyanotypes - link
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Coypus at work, artist's impression

Since December 2020

Digital posters
Linocut models
Letterpress models

have been created with care, passion and patience for the Anarchist and vintage propaganda.