Loki Vintage Propaganda


Petit ragondin qui porte un crayon géant


Department of cards, bookmarks and other letterpress prints.

Fiery cards

The fiery cards with their quirky and/or caustic catchphrases are perfect for sending a sweet note to your mates, loved ones and comrades or for insulting your boss or the local alt-right.




Made with meticulousness and a bit of humour, the bookmarks of the Maison Loki Gwynbleidd allow you to find your way back to your reading of Pif Gadget or Nietzsche while displaying your struggles and protests. Pif Gadget ou Nietzsche tout en affichant vos combats et revendications.


Uninspiring cards

Let's say it loud and clear: cards with 'inspirational' messages are shocking and disturbing. They are based on banalities and often on trivialized injunctions and oppressions.

Uninspiring cards are just the opposite and that's good.

Dies & cuts

The printing stamps used to decorate and embellish the letterpress prints have been selected with the greatest care on the basis of their availability (and their price too, we are not in the bourgeoisie here) in flea markets and sites of antique objects.

Furniture & Lego

The small printing equipment, especially the spaces, quads and furniture, is also second-hand. It is often supplemented by lego blocks, which give the printers a thrill but are still quite practical, it must be admitted.


The printing department of the Anarchist and Vintage Propaganda has no less than six (6) different typefaces, all of them second-hand (or more). That's enough to insult the bourgeois, the fascists and other reactionaries.



All prints are made on the proofing press, a machine normally used for proofing. However, this type of press is very practical and is ideally suited for proofing and printing of fiery and uninspiring cartels.


How letterpress prints are made.

Where other printers prefer to hide their creative processes (to create false suspense or make it look like the technique is not so easy), we choose honesty.

Through this animated imagery (by videographer) you can discover the method used to print cards and other ink products.